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LibDems save local bus service

Another success, your LibDem team
working for the community
In April 2003 FirstBus announced that they were looking at cuttin bus services. This included the number 32. This bus is a vital link for local residents in Walkley, Upperthorpe and Netherthorpe.

Local LibDem councillors Jonathan Harston and Steve Ayris wrote to First and the Passenger Transport Executive demanding that local bus services be preserved. This summer FirstBus announced that the number 32 was one of the services thay had decided not to cut.

We've been robbed!

Cleaner and Greener?
Cllr Steve Ayris looking at rubbish
dumped on Matlock Road
Your local LibDem councillors Jonathan Harston and Steve Ayris want to know why your area is being denied Council cash. Labour's Town Hall bosses have announced a new policy of giving money to so-called 'deprived' areas. Strangely, those areas seem to be almost all in Labour-held Council wards in other parts of the city!

Cllr Steve Ayris said: "As a result of Labour's policy everybody in this community is losing out. Our streets are getting cleaned less. Our roads are less likely to be repaired. Our parks will receive less maintenance. Plans that the LibDem administration put into place for road repairs and road safety schemes have either been put on hold or cancelled all together. Our area is suffering under Labpour."

Your local Liberal Democrats are demanding that Labour lives up to the election boast of making Walkley 'Cleaner and Greener'.

LibDem Action

Jonathan highlights an everyday problem for local residents Cllr Diane Leek shows how the situation gets out of hand
Local councillor Jonathan Harston got several trees cut back that had grown across pavements blocking the way. Jonathan told Focus:

"Labour is neglecting our communities. I will work with my LibDem collegues and continue to fight to ensure that local paople get the service they deserve from this appalling council."

Bad news on South Road improvements

Jonathan Harston on South Road
Local residents and local LibDem councillors worked together with council officers to put togeyher a plan for environmental improvements on South Road. Now, Labour's new policy on 'deprived' areas has meant that the scheme has been cancelled, just as the final details were being put into place.

Cllr Jonathan Harston said: "This scheme was about more than just road safety. It would have improved the general environment of the whole South Road shopping area. It is a crime that Labour can just ignore the wushes of local popele in one part of the city simply for politcal gain in another!"

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