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Langsett's Winter Warmer

Langsett Heating
Cllr Jonathan Harston telling a Langsett tenant the good news
Cllr Jonathan Harston's campaign to force the Labour Council to invest in Langsett has finally succeeded.

After months of empty promises the Council has finally agreed to provide a modern and reliable heating system. Local Liberal Democrats have been campaigning with local tenents for many years. However, the Labour Counil appeared not to care.

Cllr Jonathan Harston said: "It is disgraceful that the people of Langsett have been forced to endure a winter of sub-zero temperatures with an ancient and unreliable heating system."

LibDem councillor Diane Leek added, "We are pleased that our campaign has forced an uncaring Labour Council to act. We will continue to fight for the people of Walkley to ensure they get the best service from the council"".

Background February 2003.

Walkley Deserves Better

Substandard resurfacing
Cllr Jonathan Harston highlighting the substandard work of the Labour council
Resurfacing South Road pavements should have been completed months ago. The street's ironwork was exposed back in September. Nearly six months later and the Council have only managed to seal about 200 yards of pavement. The exposed ironwork is a hazard to local residents, and several people have already fallen over on the uneven surfaces.

Local campaigner Cllr Jonathan Harston said, "This is simply unacceptable, local residents deserve better than this. This matter has been taken up with the Labour Council. I will continue to persue this issue despite being told that the Council doesn't have enough money to do a proper job of resurfacing the pavements. Local residents deserve the best from their councillors and only the Liberal Democrats are capable of delivering".

Council Tax to soar!

Local LibDem Councillor Jonathan Harston has condemned the Labour council's announcement that they will increase Council Tax by at least 7%. The announcement comes after months of Labour councillors promising that thet would only put council tax up by 5%.

The 7% figure might be topped by inflation-busting increases from the Labour controlled police authority which would push the total increase for each household close to the 10% mark. This would be the largest increae in local tax for almost a decade.

Local councillor Jonathan Harston said, "Labour are showing themselves to be the party of high taxation and poor services. The Labour Party came to power promising that a Labour council working with a Labour government would deliver a good deal for Sheffield. So far they have increased taxes by a record amount, cut funding for vital services and failed to consult the public on issues that affect their everyday lives. They have been nothing but a disaster for the city of Sheffield and a great disappointment for all the people who voted Labour last time"".

Background January 2003.

LibDems campaigning for a greener city

Glass Banks
Cllr Jonathan Harston supporting local recycling initiatives
Liberal Democrats are challenging Labour to hit Sheffield's tough new recycling targets. At a council meeting last year Liberal Democrat councillors successfully forced through their plans for Sheffield to recycle 45% of its waste by 2016.

It is now up to the Labour council to begin making plans to ensure that this target can be hit. Despite the Labour council leader describing the LibDem plans as "potty", the Labour government has announced that it wants the whole country to hit the target that the Liberal Democrats want for Sheffield.

Local LibDem campaigner Cllr Jonathan Harston said, "Labour councillors talk a lot about trying to make Sheffield a green city. Only the Liberal Democrats are actually pushing for the major decisions that will really turn Sheffield into a greener city."

Labour cannot be trusted with a piggy bank!

Once again we are back to the bad old days of Labour mismanagement last seen in the mid-1990s when libraries were shut and the city earned the nickname "Pot-Hole City".

Labour's inability to make the finances of the city balance have resulted in a record shortfall of £6 million. In an attempt to mask their financial incompetence the Labour Council have arranged for a multi-million pound loan from the NHS. They are also plundering Council funds that were supposed to be used to buy library books and maintain our roads as a desperate measure to make the books balance.

Despite the huge loans and the slashing of basic services the Labour council seem unable to stem the financial heamorraging.

Local LibDem councillor Jonathan Harston said, "After only a year back in office they have shown that that they are arrogant, incompetant and totally incapable of managing a city in the 21st century.

"Local people are constantly telling me how dirty their streets are looking, what a poor state their roads are in, and all since Labour took control. People want to see the Liberal Democrats back in power. People want a council which is working for them."

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