Walkley Liberal Democrats

Jonathan Harston
Getting things done in Walkley

A Greener Future

Freedom Road Bottle Banks
Cllr Jonathan Harston has successfully got bottle banks provided on Freedom Road
Jonathan Harston is working with the Council to find suitable sites for new recycling banks. Currently areas such as Crookes have no facilities locally. Jonathan successfully campaigned for glass recycling banks on Freedom Road.

The Liberal Democrats successfully introduced the 45% recycling target for domestic waste in Sheffield. They also pushed for doorstep recycling schemes. Every single Liberal Democrat councillor voted against Labour's plans for a huge new incinerator which could turn Sheffield into the "dump and burm" centre of the region.

The message is simply that only the Liberal Democrats are capable of delivering green policies in Sheffield.

Safer Roads

Speed signs on Bole Hill Road
Cllr Jonathan Harston working to get safer roads for local residents
Many local residents have contacted Cllr Jonathan Harston as they are concerned with the speed at which cars are coming up Bole Hill Road from Rivelin. Jonathan found that overgrown hedges obscured the speed limit signs along the road. The Council have no cut back the hedges. However, the signs were faded, and Jonathan demanded that they be replaced so that drivers can see them.

Cllr Harston has also been successful in getting the Council to extend the speed limit zone so that drivers slow down before entering the residential area.

Thank you from you LibDem team

Jonathan and Diane with daffodils
Jonathan and Diane with some of the daffodils planted by Diane and local residents
Cllrs Diane Leek and Jonathan Harston would like to thank all the local people and community groups that helped brighted up Walkley by planting bulbs last year. They are now coming into bloom and bringing a splash of colour to the area.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Graffiti hotspots
Jonathan and one of the graffiti hotspots
Cllr Jonathan Harston has met with local community groups and South Yorkshire Police to ensure that local crime "hot-spots" are patrolled more often by the police and local people remain vigilant.

Cllr Harston has also contacted the Council and demanded that unsigntly graffit is removed from around the ward.

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