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Incinerator Madness

Recycling bins
Jonathan has been working to get more recycling facilities around Walkley
Labour's record on the environment has been condemned as hypocritical.Their record in running Sheffield shows their claims to be a "green" party to be a sham.

Local LibDem Cllr Jonathan Harston said: "They have shown their true colours by approving one of the biggest waste incinerators in the country - threatening to turn Sheffield into the dumping ground for the region's rubbish." A senior Labour councillor recently described LibDem plans to increase recycling to 45% as "potty". Expert advice has shown that Sheffield could reach 45% by 2016 if the council started now.

LibDem Action on Recycling

A few years ago Walkley lost its recycling bins outside the Ebeneezer Chapel. Local LibDem councillor Jonathan Harston has been working with the council's waste contractor Onyx to replace them. New recyling bins will soon be put in the car park on Freedom Road to take glass, paper and clothing. Jonathan has been talking to local people to find more suitable sites around Walkley. Jonathan said: "LibDems put in place the plans to get door-to-door recycling. But until that starts we need to make sure that recycling bins are easy for people to use, on their way to the shops or the bus stop." [picture] Cllr Jonathan Harston working for the people of Walkley Recyling sites around Walkley paper glass plastic cans clothing Walkley Working Men’s Club Walkley Cottage, Bole Hill Road Morrisons, Hillsborough Barracks Hall Park Head Community Centre Safeway, Infirmary Road Sheffield University Arts Tower Deer Park Flats, Deer Park Close B&Q, Penistone Road leftover paint coming soon: Freedom Road car park Contact Onyx on 228-3630 for advice on engine oil, batteries, tyres, etc.

How Green is your councillor?

There are many small things people can do to reduce their impact on the environment. Jonathan composts his garden waste and recycles paper, glass and cans. He also collects and reuses rainwater, saving about 1000 gallons a year from his water bill.

Labour's Housing Betrayal

[picture] Tenents: betrayed by Labour Labour's record on housing has been condemned by many of their former supporters Just months after winning control of the council, hundreds of tenents have already said that they will never be able to trust Labour again. Labour voted down plans to make sure that all council housing gets the investment they needed. Instead, Labour bosses may choose a few of their favoured areas. They have also performed a dramatic U-turn on housing repairs. Just a few months ago they branded the LibDem plans to improve the repairs service as “unneccessary”. But, in the face of overwhelming support from tenents for the plans, Labour has been forced into a last minute change of heart.

Toilet Update The run-down toilets at Malin Bridge are to be closed after pressure from local residents and the police. LibDem councillors are opposing the Labour council’s plans to shut the toilets at Rivelin Bridge Post Office. They are a valuable asset to ramblers and the Post Office. Local LibDems are also pushing for toilet provision to be returned on South Road.

Blocked Gulleys Blocked gulley grates across the area are causing big problems. Diane and Jonathan have recently asked for grates to be cleared on the following streets: Burgoyne Rd, Burnaby Cres, Camm St, Carr Rd, Daniel Hill St, Greenhow St, Highton St, Industry St, Orchard Rd, Sherde Rd, Whitehouse Ln, Whitehouse Rd.

Christmas is coming Details on how to get your christmas tree collected in the new year will be in local papers and available on 228-3630.

[picture] Hillsborough Corner Flooding Problems Jonathan has asked the council to come up with a solution to the flooding problem at Walkley Lane/Holme Lane junction.

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